About Us


Welcome to FlocareBeauty

FlocareBeauty is a premium natural and organic personal care brand, on a mission to create nourishing and rejuvenating skin & hair care solutions for families and individuals.

Inspired by our passion to help mothers nourish their babies skin, as well as rejuvenate their own skin & hair, FlocareBeauty delivers safe, high quality, natural& organic products that are handmade and minimally processed from carefully selected ingredients sourced primarily from Ghana and other African regions.

Our products cater for all ages and skin types (even more so for the afro-ethnic consumer who struggles to find products that work for their unique melanin-rich skin and afro-textured hair types), including babies and individuals with sensitive skin. Aside providing an amazing moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating experience, our products help you achieve beautiful radiant skin and healthy full hair, through very simple skin and hair care routines.


Why choose FlocareBeauty?

Passion. Dedication. Attention to detail.
A lot of research, training, and meticulous attention to detail goes into choosing theingredients we use in making each product. We are really passionate about helpingyou care for your skin and hair with products that work for our different skin typesand weather conditions.
Buttery, soft, & unique scents for a pampered feeling.
Though minimally processed to retain all natural benefits of the individual naturalingredients, our body and hair butters are the softest and creamiest on the market,with unique soft scents that leave you glowing and feeling pampered & confident inyour skin.
Simple beauty; no complicated routines and products.
Though selfcare must be prioritized, we know how crazy it can get with managingall the things you do, combining family, and still trying to take ... Read more
High quality & safe for the entire family.
We are FDA approved. Our products are all handmade from scratch usingsafe, high quality, natural ingredients that we formulate and pack under stricthygienic ... Read more
We are supporting livelihoods.
We source the bulk of our raw materials from women traders and women co-operatives. This includes our sheabutter, shea oil and baobab oils from the Northernregions of ... Read more

About Our Founder

Meet Christabel Ofori; founder of FlocareBeauty who was inspired to start her skincare brand after she had her first son and struggled with finding good natural skincare products that could work well for his dry and sensitive skin and didn't cost a fortune. Most of the products available for babies in the Ghanaian market were imported popular brands but didn’t necessarily work well for the babies’ skin types and weather conditions in Ghana.
After several research and processing experiments, she made her own body butter for him from shea butter that someone had recommended and it worked amazingly well and made his skin soft and smooth. She was so happy with the outcome that she made more and decided to sell to friends and family who had children and had the same needs. That's how flocare beauty was started in 2017.
With time, she increased the range of products by including hair care products, soaps, and shea butters enriched with oils and natural fragrances to cater for herself, other moms like her, as well as meet other consumer needs.
Being a chemical engineer and having worked as production manager in a multi-national manufacturing company for 7 years, Christabel understands the science of what she’sdoing. She pays attention to detail and ensures each batch is made under strict hygienicconditions, with no compromise on quality.